How can I make my mansard roof look better?

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I guess there are two main strategies to choose from when decorating an attic with a mansard roof. Either try to make it look really cozy by using wood and lots of textures or make it look bright and spacious by using light colors, glass and skylights.Feb 1, 2017

What does a roof do?

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A roof is the top covering of a building, including all materials and constructions necessary to support it on the walls of the building or on uprights; it provides protection against rain, snow, sunlight, extremes of temperature, and wind. A roof is part of the building envelope.

How do I stop my roof leaking in heavy rain?

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Emergency Roof Patching
  1. Go into the attic, if you have access, and clear insulation off the wet ceiling drywall. ...
  2. Follow the leak back to the point at which it enters the roof. ...
  3. Make a temporary patch with roofing tar and a piece of shingle or plywood.
Dec 29, 2018