How much do roofers charge per day?

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Roofers charge $45-$75 per hour on average, and even small repairs take about 2 hours. Any pro that you hire should be licensed and insured. That's to protect you from legal action if there is an accident. Labor costs will increase if you have an unusual roof or if the slope is steeper than normal.Dec 18, 2018

How much money can you make owning a roofing company?

How Much Does the Owner of a Roofing Company Make?

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"Roofing Contractor" conducts salary reports every six years. King reports that 23 percent of the roofing company owners stated they earned a maximum of $50,000 per year, 40 percent of owners earned $50,001 to $100,000 annually, and 24 percent of roofing company owners earned $100,001 to $200,000 annually.Sep 26, 2017